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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      After some harsh weeks as a caregiver for my parents: nothing. nada. niente. I am on vacation. which is why I have time to read through lobsters.

    2. 7

      Running 34k at Vagamon in Kerala, India. It’s my first race back since the pandemic and I’m very excited to be hitting the trails again :)

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      Working on a better scheduler for a Nix CI service I’ve been building (https://garnix.io/). It’s not something I had thought about before wrt CIs. But what happens if I submit thousands of jobs to a CI service? Do they get queued with the timestamp they were created at as the priority (I.e., global FIFO) ? But it shouldn’t be possible for any user to starve everyone else of resources!

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      Setting up a standing desk, cleaning house, resting, maybe getting in a few hours on YAMM.

      1. 2

        Which desk did you end up going with?

        1. 2

          The Ikra Trotten. I haven’t built it yet, I’ll try to remember to report back in a week.

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      Weekend in Glasgow celebrating qualifying as RYA Day Skipper. I foresee beer, poutine and whisky in my future.

      1. 1

        …and rain, although I’m hoping to see some sun this weekend in Glasgow.

        I’m also hoping to continue building the right hand half of my Corne keyboard.

        1. 2

          Ha, yes. Although I get to hide inside buildings from rain now, much different experience to being on the yacht in rain this week.

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      On Wednesday, a huge storm hit my area. Our (luckily unfinished) basement flooded with one inch of standing water, two inches in a couple places (near corners). We have a lot of stuff stored in our basement, so we’re going through that. Using the opportunity to declutter by donating stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year.

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      I’m balancing family time, working on my rust web front end library ‘mogwai’, my rust game engine and trying not to waste too much time playing valheim. :)

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      attempting to restore sleep schedule sanity. sleep metrics for this week were not great.

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      Recovering from COVID :(

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      I’ve mentioned my compiler here a few times.

      It works, which wasn’t easy. I am now engaged in battling bugs that don’t prevent the output from running, but rather causes something about the output to be staggeringly inefficient or convoluted. So… please ask yourself the question “how should I compile a hello-world program?” and then look at this classic film, of which my output has reminded me a little more than…

      I plan to have an excellent weekend with fine weather, my bike, food and wine. I sped something up by a factor of 306 today. That wasn’t an optimisation. It was the kind of bugfix that lays the foundation for a good weekend.

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      Got COVID :-( (wife works in-person). So working through that, luckily it’s minor for the both of us since we’re vaccinated and young and have not-too-many adverse factors between us.

      Starting to feel better already, so we might make the final push towards the updated version of our LD50 game, The Fall of Mezentople. We’ve got a basic but cool dynamic music mixing system coming along that mixes some Orthodox choral chants with wind and rain that increase as your empire decays, which just needs some tweaking of constants to sound good. Also many, many CSS bugs from having the hubris to try and make it somewhat responsive, agh.

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      Having one of my periodic I hate C/C++ tantrums wondering if I could make a living out of doing true functional programming.

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        Just do what I do and try to spend as much time as you can in the pure-functional (with guaranteed memoisation) template metaprogramming sub-language of C++ and not the pretty awful C-like imperative sub-language?

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          So this weekend I’m trying to learning Elixir, ticks the following boxes… FP, has well defined AST, built on Erlang Beam VM, has embedded flavours, has learnt from many other languages…

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          Sort of/Approximately/vaguely have been doing that for various truly awful reasons. Not exactly happy making.

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      Attending :clojureD conference in Berlin! 🎉

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      Developing a cloudflare workers project which resizes content

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      Hopefully finishing the third blog post in the series I’ve been working on (https://lobste.rs/s/t7ihmz/what_are_you_doing_this_week#c_kgbw95).

      I guess I should go ahead and post the second one this morning? I haven’t quite decided. https://lobste.rs/s/1xh3gy/hard_problem_naming_functions_other :)

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      More compiler stuff, hopefully? Also maybe like… buying pants. Thrilling.

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      Working on my side project/maybe startup https://diva.so. Specifically gonna try out some different backend models and improve url scraping. Other than that hopefully am gonna buy a kayak today

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      Going to add more graph themes for Graph Galaxy

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      Kicking off a few weeks in Denver.