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      Fun. I wonder if it can do old-school tricks like changing the pallette on raster interrupt to fake more colors.

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        That would be really great if it could. So far afaict it’s not quite that advanced, it’s really just one palate of 4 colors at a time for the given screen. But if it could be possible to swap the palate during execution that would be better, that’s how the game boy color managed to still get enough pretty stuff on it iirc.

        WASM-4 is incredible to play with though.

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          I’m surprised it wouldn’t be possible to do this per frame. Certainly not within a frame! But, I imagined you could rewrite the memory locations where the colors are stored after the fact. I have not tried this, however.

          WASM-4 can only display 4 colors on screen at a time. This palette’s RGB values are stored in the PALETTE memory register, and can be modified.

          This doesn’t indicate that it can only be modified on init, as an example.

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