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I know what the technical meaning of “noreferrer” is; however, I’m wondering what’s the reasoning of using that param on external links here? For example, is it due to some sort of SPAM prevention/mitigation?


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      Thanks 🙇

      Here’s the answer for the lazy ones:

        # disincentivize content marketers by not appearing to be a source of
        # significant traffic, but do show referrer a few times so authors can find
        # their way back
        def send_referrer?
          self.created_at <= 1.hour and
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      I kind of wish they wouldn’t do that. I have a currently dead code branch because of this that disables ads when you visit with a lobsters referfer.

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        I’m not sure about the “more ethical aggregator”, but I appreciate the idea. :)

        I’m somewhat a fan of Grandpa Zawinski’s approach myself.

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        I’m like 99% sure that’s to prevent abuse by people seeking to use us as marketing channels or SEO stuff.

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          I’ve seen some sites block visits with a Hacker News referrer, so maybe due to that?

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            I guess it is like a running board on a train or bus which drops ugly people and fare dodgers :)