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      We’re building something (http://wym.io) which happens to provide most of Lambda’s (and {webscript,hook}.io’s) features (sorry!), with a whole host of (shortly open source) features and a much bigger picture (think a whole new language) alongside.

      I think we’ve minimised xkcd #927 (standards) and lock-in as effectively as possible.

      I won’t claim more here until I can show you, but there’s a solid, functioning demo at http://wym.io/ and we’re only a few weeks away from a lot more. We’re really throwing our lives at this, so do expect results. :)

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        Sounds really interesting … I joined your announce list!

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          Good to hear! We’ll get more to you soon!

          Having been on so many ‘-announce’ lists over the years, I can’t think why I didn’t call ours that. Hm.

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      AWS Lambda looks really cool! These types of services are the future.

      If anyone is interested in an open-source alternative to AWS Lamba ( with no amazon lock-in ) check out my project http://hook.io

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      I remember something similar released a while ago – the idea was you could attach Lua scripts to, say, button clicks and such and also keep some state around. Anyone remember that that was?

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      Was there when they announced it. Wish they get other languages quick. Since they now support docker, it would make sense to sonehow use that.