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    What a PR/comm disaster. They essentially pushed a lion share amount of their user base toward github’s container registry for nothing.

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      I don’t disagree, but I gotta say: I’m rarely impressed by a company’s ability to avoid mistakes. I am much more impressed by a company’s ability to honestly own their mistakes, avoid making excuses, and take corrective measures.

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        Completely agreed. The only way to avoid screwing up is luck. Correcting a screw up, in contrast, requires judgement. The latter is much more important to reward.

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      I started self-hosting docker images after the sunset announcement (or more precise: after the online discussions that actually made clear what the announcement was about). Wrote a simple registry, https://github.com/mjl-/vex. Now have one less centralized dependency and know more about registries. Good outcome.

      One reason for using the docker hub registry was to get a short pull address, without domain name. But I now think it’s a bad idea to use addresses with an implied host name that not all tools will add in. Can we get them deprecated and use full addresses everywhere?

      I’m not enthusiastic about the docker hub registry from a developer point of view. Setting up the organization account was weird: Ended up creating two accounts, turn one into an organization account, and make the other owner. The UI was quite alarming about how dangerous it all was, and nowhere did I get the feeling I was on the right path. Cannot recommend.

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        TBH, I had a little voice in my head when I received the very first email: “do not take drastic actions just yet, they might change their decision”. Then they allowed to convert your team back to a user by opening a support ticket. Then they reverted it. Glad I was right!

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          Hehe. Had a chat with a coworker when I first saw the news. Said something like: we need to audit for dependencies on anything that might go unmaintained, here. But let’s wait a couple weeks to make sure we don’t tilt at windmills.